Install Photoshop for 10 dollars

Sounds too good to be true? Almost… but yes, for a month it is true.
You can have the latest version of Adobe Photoshop running on your computer for just $10.

Most of us remember Photoshop for sale at around $1000 or even more.

How is it possible? Well a while ago, Adobe switched to a subscription model for their software. Rather than buying the software outright, you simply pay a much smaller amount for it month by month.

You can do this with InDesign, Illustrator and even the entire Adobe Creative Suite. In fact, it is now the only way that Adobe sells this software – month by month on subscription. This is a shift that is slowly occurring throughout the software world.

There are disadvantages – sometimes features can change unexpectedly as the software is updated on the fly. Also, while a subscription is vastly cheaper in the short term, the monthly amounts add up over the years to a heftier total.

The advantages are that you always have the latest version of Photoshop or whichever program you subscribe to – and if you don’t use Photoshop every month, you can actually register for a subscription where you only pay for the months that you need it… so you don’t end up paying for months when you don’t actually use the program.

Other advantages are that you can use the software on multiple computers and in some subscriptions you also receive 20gig of online “cloud” storage. You don’t need to store your files in Adobe’s cloud however – you can still save them locally.

You also don’t need to be connected to the internet for Photoshop or the other programs to work. As long as Photoshop or whichever program you subscribe to can communicate over the internet once every 99 days, it is happy to keep working.

Follow this link and see the left-most Photography option on the Individuals tab for the $9.99 option:

Other Adobe programs such as InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver etc. are also available at that link and are more expensive though they come with 20gig of cloud storage. To subscribe to any of these, choose the Single App option. The single app option also contains the Monthly plan which allows you to buy just a month’s worth without committing to an annual payment plan. There is also the Complete option for the entire Creative Suite – and this is discounted if you already have an older version of the Creative Suite (all the way back to version CS3).

Other options are also available for businesses, teachers and students.

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Last-minute bonus: Microsoft has just announced they are providing Microsoft Office to students for free. Read about it here:

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Nicholas Jankovic
T7 Training Systems