Add autofilter toggle button

Adding an autofilter toggle button to the Excel toolbar

People who commonly use Autofilter in Excel may find that the location of the Autofilter button is inconvenient. The procedure below will add an Autofilter toggle button to the Excel toolbar, making the feature much more convenient to use.

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Excel 2007/2010

Click Customise Quick Access Toolbar button then click More Commands.

On the Choose commands drop-down menu, select Data tab.

Click Filter, click Add then click OK.





Excel 2003 and earlier

Click Tools then click Customise.

Click the standard Data drop-down menu (not on the Customise panel) then click Filter.

While holding the Ctrl key on the keyboard, drag the word AutoFilter onto a toolbar. It is important that you hold the Ctrl key during this whole step. Let go of the Ctrl key only once you have let go of the mouse button.

Right-click the new AutoFilter button on the toolbar and select Default style.

Click Close on the customise panel.

If you make a mistake during this process and find that the Data, Filter, Autofilter drop-down menu option has been deleted, then click Tools then Customise then click the Toolbars tab, scroll down and select Worksheet Menu Bar then click the Reset button followed by OK then Close.

You may see a seemingly easier technique for adding the AutoFilter button to the toolbar from the Customise panel – however that one is not a toggle button, so it allows you to set AutoFilter on, but does not allow you to turn AutoFilter off. The advantage of the technique described above is that it is a toggle button allowing you to turn on and turn off AutoFilter by clicking the same button.